Peer Advisory Board  and Coaching


Peer Advisory Board meetings are held with local Small Business Owners, Presidents and Chief Executive Officers of private companies.  At these meetings members focus on issues that require immediate attention, as well as long-range plans and strategies. Each business owner is given an equal opportunity to take advantage of the experience, expertise and wisdom of his or her peer board owners. Topics can range from marketing to human resources concerns to financial issues to strategic acquisitions and partnerships to a multitude of other topics related to helping owners become more efficient and more profitable. Essentially, this group is a Board of Directors without the liability and cost associated with a formal board structure. 

At the end of these meetings, board members come away with a better perspective on their key issues, a set of near and longer term goals to pursue and the understanding that they will be held accountable to each other to implement and follow through with the plans discussed and agreed upon.


Coaching meetings are also held once a month, just prior to the full board meeting.  During these sessions key issues that will be addressed in the Board meeting are reviewed so that the Board presentation becomes highly focused and well defined. In addition, issues that may not require board attention, but are still critical to the successful operations of the company are reviewed.